June 15, 2021

Matter Turns Three: Milestones Along the Way

Written by | The Matter Team

We all tend to move so quickly that we gloss over the big moments or, even worse, totally miss them. At Matter, we try to always look for reasons to celebrate, and maybe even have a little party. As we celebrate Matter turning three in 2021, we had a little fun by comparing our special day with the third birthday of a child. Below are some of the milestones for both:

A three-year-old child: 10 billion neurons in their nervous system.

Matter at three: $10 billion in projects and experiences.


A three-year-old child: Weighs about 31 pounds.

Matter at three: Has poured 111,000 cubic yards of concrete which is over 217,000 tons!


A three-year-old child: Starting to climb furniture and cabinets.

Matter at three: Starting to raise the walls at UnCommons.


A three-year-old child: Learning to draw.

Matter at three: We still like to draw, but now we put that energy into drawing plans for walls, not on the walls.


A three-year-old child: Ready to start potty training.

Matter at three: Proud to say that most of us are potty trained!


A three-year-old child: Begins to show empathy and comfort others.

Matter at three: Building UnCommons for the community and their needs.


A three-year-old child: Throws, kicks and catches a ball.

Matter at three: We still catch Tom kicking and screaming every once in a while…


A three-year-old child: Likes to play with toy cars.

Matter at three: We still think cars are cool which is why we sponsor Max Root, a professional driver who competed in the most recent 24 Hours of Le Mans in a Matter Ferrari.

As we enter this fourth year, we couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead for us, particularly the unveiling of UnCommons. We invite you to join in our journey of this next year and to find a reason to celebrate your accomplishments, big or small!

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